Board & Staff

Marcia K. Brown, EdD

Executive Director, Global Scholars Foundation


Marcia K. Brown, EdD, is a motivated, personable business professional who has led the Global Scholars Foundation (GSF) as Executive Director, managing all facets—from student recruitment, fundraising and planning, to program implementation—of the language and cultural immersion program for District teens since 2010.
Dr. Brown learned valuable time and people management skills; budgeting techniques; community and team-building capabilities; coordination, flexibility, and professionalism while working as a former elementary and middle school English teacher and Director of Parental Involvement for a public charter school in Washington, D.C. Dr. Brown’s experience as an editor both for the U.S. Department of Commerce and American Diabetes Association helped hone an eye for writing succinctly and accurately. Dr. Brown enhanced her writing skills in the role as Editor-in-Chief/Web Content Manager and Confidential Assistant ensuring the message of the Secretary of Commerce was properly communicated to the public.
Dr. Brown received a doctorate in Educational Leadership in 2013. She is a Silver Star member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc., Sorority; member of Hands of Praise (HOP) sign language ministry at New Life Worship Center, and 2017 Member of Leadership Greater Washington. She lives in the Hillcrest neighborhood of Ward 7 with her husband and two teenage children.


Kenneth J. Brewer, Sr.

GSF Board Chair
Chief Executive Officer, HSCDC


Mr. Brewer has more than 25 years of professional experience with development, finance, and management. Following his two years of government service, Mr. Brewer joined the staff of the H Street Community Development Corporation and H Street Investment Corporation concurrently serving as Business Loan Specialist and Senior Asset Manager managing approximately $11 million in assets. Mr. Brewer completed 14 years of service in 2001 with HSCDC and H Street Investment Corporation after holding the position of Development Project Director where he managed all phases of commercial and residential real estate development from site selection, construction management to project financing. Mr. Brewer worked for the Fannie Mae Corporation from 2001-2006 as a Senior Deputy Director and Deal Structuring Manager. Mr. Brewer has held a real estate license in the District of Columbia and served as the Owner’s Representative to execute sales and leasing transactions. Further Mr. Brewer is the former Chairman of the DC Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board wherein the agency annually transferred approximately $90 million to the DC General Fund/Treasury. Mr. Brewer provided management oversight and executive leadership of 130 personnel of the DC Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board. In 2010, Mr. Brewer returned to HSCDC as Executive Director where he manages the fiscal health, direction, control and operations of HSCDC and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, H Street Investment Corporation and H Street Finance Corporation.


Craig Galloway

Project Manager, Deloitte Consulting

Philip Hampton, II

Trademark and Copyright Lawyer

Helen Compton Harris

Director Outreach Partnership and Development, Richard Wright Public Charter School for Journalism and Media Arts

Gwendolyn Horton

Social Worker & Parent Representative

Olive Idehen

Business Development Consultant

Thomas Penny

President, Donohoe Hospitality Services LLC (DHS)

George Ty Simpson

Founder, Spectrum Management

Anita Cooke Wells

Senior Vice President, Administration and Corporate Secretary for RLJ

Meta Renee Williams, J.D.

Producer, Malveaux! – UDC TV